Elementary School Student Program

Elementary School Classroom Program (20 to 40 minutes, depending on age):

Theme: Keeping Kids Safe: Inside and Out

Objectives of the program:

  • Inform students of the dangers of coming to school and going home – focuses on what children should be aware of BOTH inside and outside a car/van/pick-up/bus.
  • Information about bus safety (school buses, activity buses, and after school transportation)
  • Reinforces the schools systems bus safety messages

What to expect at the program:

  • Puppet show that reinforces the messages
  • Teacher resource for follow-up and classroom activities are made available
  • NCDPI Standard Course of Study is referenced with activities
  • Crash Prevention Network – NC’s Educational  Bus will be at the school with the loop messages on the bus TV as well as the Roll-Over Demonstrator – emphasis on seat belt use
  • Students will be made “Seat Belt Sheriff” and given sticker badges so they can help monitor family seat belt use
  • With the older students, time is spent talking about ways they can influence the younger kids in positive ways. They would also be given the opportunity to take part in some of the presentations for the younger students.

 CPN-NC NOTE: Image in this drop down presentation have been taken from the actual programs being brought to schools and can serve as a sample of what the program consists of

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