Middle School Student Program

Middle School Student Program (45 to 60 minutes):

Theme:  Power, Responsibility, and Consequences

Objectives of the program:

  • Provide an overview of the safety issues facing Middle School aged students
  • Present an overview of the changes going on in their lives regarding responsibilities
  • Gives statistics, in a non-lecturing venue, that  allows the students to recognize their role in the problems facing their age group while on the road
  • Provide positive feedback on how they can exercise their Power and Responsibilities, and to recognize the Consequences that they have to deal with
  • There are two phases of this program here as well – one is an assembly, before large groups of students, the other is individual class room activities

What to Expect from the Program:

  • Will focus on identifying the myriad problems
  • Will present statistics, in a non-threatening way, that  puts  these  problems in perspectives of their daily lives
  • Displays, power point presentation, and DVD videos illustrating the problems and solutions are presented. Time is allocated for student give and take that makes this program interactive as well as informative.
  • Both will present statistics, putting the problems in perspective regarding the level of urgency concerning the problems
  • The Crash Prevention Network – NC’s Educational Bus activities are discussed and on request, the bus will actually be at the school for the students  to tour (see our menu bar that talks about what is on the bus)

CPN-NC NOTE: Image in this drop down presentation have been taken from the actual programs being brought to schools and can serve as a sample of what the program consists of


  1. #1 by Alison Lynnette Carlyle on March 28, 2012 - 10:34 AM

    I am thrilled to learn of your program for High School drivers and distracted driving. I have been working on this issue over the past couple of months sponsered by Dusty’s Wrecker Service. We have witnessed countless wrecks regarding this issue. We have also “alligned” ourselves and are committed to getting the word out to our fans on facebook by promoting educational videos regarding the dangers of distracted driving. If we can assist you or partner up on this campaign, please contact me at 336-364-7000. Thank you, Alison Carlyle/Dusty’s Wrecker Service, Inc.

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