Middle School

Middle/High School Student Program (45 to 90 minutes):

Program #1: Realities concerning “choices” we make

Objectives of the programs:

  • Provide an overview of the safety issues facing students
  • Assist teachers in ways to educate students to the problems and safety measures to resolve them
  • The CPN-NC “Right Choice” message is given
  • Emphasis is a “no nag and wag” approach – we don’t nag at them or wag our finger in their face – the students don’t get lectures or blame. The focus is on them making choices – the Right Choice
  • There are two phases of this program here as well – one is an assembly, before large groups of students, the other is individual class room activities

Program #2: Providing a safe Prom experience

Objectives of the Program:

  • Provide an overview of the safety issues facing Middle and High Schools aged students
  • Inform parents of the programs being brought to their students school
  • Assist parents and teachers in ways to educate/monitor their students safety
  • There are two major phases – one that is very good for PTA assemblies (focus on issues from parents perspective) and the Prom activities phases (concentrates on intervention programs for insuring a safe Prom)

What to Expect from the Programs:

  • Speakers, using multimedia images, who will help students identify the problems and the consequences of behavior
  • Both will focus on identifying the myriad problems
  • Because of the “No Nag and Wag” approach, students take ownership of the assembly or classroom phases
  • Both will present statistics, putting the problems in perspective regarding the level of urgency concerning the problems
  • At both programs, the Crash Prevention Network – NC’s Educational Bus activities are discussed and on request, the bus will actually be at the school for parents to tour (see our menu bar that talks about what is on the bus)
  • General program will present information that can assist parents in making the Middle/High School time safe and secure – displays illustrating the problems and solutions are presented. Time is allocated for parental give and take that makes this program interactive as well as informative. Innovative ideas that are being used by schools throughout the nation are presented and discussed.
  • Prom Survival program concentrates on the problems facing Prom time with extensive attention given to ideas that address them. These are presented in a way that either groups or individual families can institute them. This is one of our most popular programs and parents are universal in their positive response to the way the information is presented as well as the ease with which the ideas can be implemented
  • Opportunities for students themselves to be a part of the program as active partners
  • Teacher resources for follow-up and classroom activities are made available
  • NCDPI Standard Course of Study is referenced with all activities


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