Elementary School Parents Seminar

Elementary School Parents Seminar (30 to 45 minutes):

Theme: Keeping Kids Safe: Inside and Out

Objectives of the seminar:

  • Provide an overview of the safety issues facing primary aged students
  • Inform parents of the programs being brought to their students school
  • Assist parents and teachers in ways to educate their children in safety measures

What to expect at the seminar:

  • Great for PTA programs and adult church programs
  • Informing parents of the myriad problems facing primary aged students as they travel to school and home after school
  • Discusses the four major ways students travel home – school bus, after school programs/parents, riding bikes, and walking
  • Discusses the different dangers of each method and gives tips for keeping kids safe
  • Presents the six major areas of concern established by the National Highway Safety and Transportation Administration (NHSTA) – trunk entrapment; power windows; backovers; vehicle roll aways; hypothermia/heat stroke; seatbelt entanglement
  • Discusses car safety seats. Their uses and sizing.
  • All of this is present using multimedia images and speakers
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