Cell Phone Control


You can’t control everything they do.
But you can help keep your teenage driver safer on the road by controlling the ability to text and email while driving.

Protection is Automatic – No Application Needed
Once installed, cellcontrol is watching anytime the phone is on. It is that simple. When cellcontrol detects movement from the on board computer of your vehicle, it puts your personalized safety policy into effect. Your policy can be to block all, some or one of the following: texting, emailing, phone use, web browsing and phone applications.

Cellcontrol monitors both the phone software and obd device to ensure that they are not tampered with or removed. The account administrator is notified via e-
mail and violation reports of ANY attempt to defeat the cellcontrol solution.

Fully Customizable Cellcontrol Policy
Your cellcontrol policy is managed and updated from a web based dashboard. Updates are automatically sent to your phones without any end user interaction. Policy can be changed seamlessly. The administrator can update “White List Numbers” (allowable), block or unblock features and customize a safety message from the web interface provided by cellcontrol.

  • Only Blocks in YOUR VEHICLE while it is MOVING
  • Minimal Battery Drain – Unlike GPS Solutions cellcontrol does not cause a significant drain on your cellphone battery.
  • Easy to Setup and Maintain – One Time Software Download and Installing OBD Device is a simple as putting together LEGOs
  • Decision is taken out of the hands of the driver. cellcontrol gives the self control to stop the dangerous habit!
  • Helps with addressing the new state & local laws regarding cell phone use and texting while driving


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