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Letter to an Attorney from a Loving Mother

September 21, 2011

Dear Sir,

In the event of either of my sons contacting you regarding representation of another traffic citation, please recommend that they attend a crash prevention class. I had the opportunity of attending one recently at the Guilford Co. courthouse. The information that the instructors provided would definitely benefit them. It would allow them to see that operating a vehicle is a privilege and that they are responsible for doing it safely. They were involved in a terrible car accident on 9/17 in which two other vehicles were struck by their car. They were running late to work and of course, speeding. I am so thankful that no one passed away but the boys are well aware that the accident could have had a devastating ending for all involved. My husband and I have been seriously talking with them about the accident and about being safe on the highways and especially about making better choices in life.  I know that you have a busy schedule and deal with many clients but it is my mission to keep my sons alive, out of jail and especially out of the cemetery.

Thank you,



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CPN Bus Coming to an Event Near You!

The Crash Prevention Network’s Safe Mobile Bus will soon be taking to area schools, local churches and community events as an educational tool for current and future drivers in the hopes that they will make the Right Choice when it comes to highway safety! 

The interior of the bus will be filled with tools for re-enforcing the Right Choice message including:

  • Roll-over demonstrator – visual example of how seat belts prevent injuries/deaths (primarily used with Elementary School ages)
  • DWI and Texting Simulators – hands on experiences for both scenarios, focusing on results of this behavior (exclusively used with Middle and High School ages)
  • Open Casket – Mirror on the pillow so that students see themselves; focuses on the consequences of poor choices while driving/passenger in a car (exclusively used with Middle and High School ages) – casket has a drape that will be pulled when visiting Elementary Schools
  • TV and DVD Component – Provides a continuous loop of messages aimed at the target audience (Elementary, Middle, and High School ages)
  • Poster sized Pictures – showing crashes and victims of fatal crashes (exclusively used with Middle and High School ages)

Visits by the bus will include age appropriate lesson plans for educators that focus on re-enforcing the Right Choice message:

  • Elementary Schools – seat belt use messages, drawn by the students, on grocery bags that will be used in the local community; Puppet shows that emphasis “Right Choices” in and around automobiles; Deputizing younger students as “Seat Belt Sheriffs”  for their families (includes badges they can wear)
  • Middle/High Schools – Writing auto-biographical obituaries of themselves, representing now and the future; Prom and Graduation activities designed to keep students safe during these times

Assemblies/Small Groups/Class Room Presentations designed to re-enforce the “Right Choice” message:

  • Elementary Schools – using high school and College/University students to re-enforce safe behavior in and around automobiles/buses
  • High School Prom and Graduation activities administrators and educators can implement at these critical times
  • PTA/PTO/PTSA’s assemblies aimed at giving parents information and tools/activities to enhance their students experiences

The single most important component of our program is that we intend that ALL of these resources will be made available to the schools (churches, civic organizations, etc) at NO COST to them. No young person will be denied these opportunities because someone can’t afford to bring them to that student!!!!!

*If you would like the Crash Prevention Network Bus to visit your church, school or community event, please email Mike Jackson at info@cpn-nc.org or call 336-316-1200.

Notice how the lettering on the front of the bus is backwards so it can be read clearly in the rear view mirror of the person in front of it!


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