The Crash Prevention Network of North Carolina, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving lives and preventing injuries on the highways. We also offer a statewide support group program for the surviving family members of all fatal crashes in North Carolina. We welcome your participation either as a supporting member of CPN-NC or as a grieving survivor of a fatality. We are not professional grief counselors and offer no professional assistance except to reference survivors to the professional field. We use measures of love, companionship and mutual support as a means of assistance for those survivors. CPN-NC welcomes your participation in our workshops and group meetings.


  • To provide moral support to crash victims and survivors
  • Lobby legislators to make changes in the laws to require mandatory jail time for first offenders under the current felony death by motor vehicle and misdemeanor death by motor vehicle laws.
  • Lobby legislators to impose mandatory jail time on speeders over 12 mph which cause a fatal crash.
  • CPN-NC will host annual survivor conferences and memorial services in various locations in North Carolina.


  • Fill out a supporter’s card located on this web site (page 1) and send it to CPN-NC. This list of names/addresses will be presented to our legislators as a show of support by thousands of concerned citizens across the state.
  • Make a memorial contribution to CPN-NC in memory of a crash victim. Note: There are no financial requirements to be a supporter of CPN/NC.
  • Send a picture of your family member to CPN-NC and it will be posted in our “Gallery of Memories” section of our web site. (cpn-nc.org)

Every life in the state of North Carolina is worth saving. The leaders of CPN-NC cannot accomplish this task without the help of many. Please join us today in our efforts to save lives and prevent serious injuries.

 Michael G. Jackson


Board of Directors

Michael G. Jackson      (Guilford County)

Ollie Jeffers                   (Person County)

Carolyn Freeman         (Rockingham County)

Angie Bass                     (Catawba County)

Saundra Dockery         (Orange County)

Angie Barrow               (Randolph County)

Dr. Austin Johnson    (Lenoir County)


  1. #1 by Valarie Halvorsen on August 18, 2011 - 11:54 AM

    I read about this program in the Northwest Observer newspaper and attended with my son August 16th. We were not seeking court waivers, but my son is 15 and just completed Driver’s Education and will be driving soon. I thought it would be a good program – and I was right. He and I were both greatly impacted, particularly by Daryl Reynolds and Tolly Carr. I am dismayed that there seems to be little publicity or public awareness about the program which would be beneficial for all drivers, not just those with a traffic ticket. I will be sending a letter to the editor of the Greensboro News and Record about our experience and encourage others, particularly new drivers, to attend as well.

    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity. I believe my son will be a much more attentive driver because of it.
    Valarie Halvorsen

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