A Letter to The Crash Prevention Network

To the Right Choice Group,

I wanted to send a quick message and let you know I took the right choice class last night for a parking violation.  I came in a little annoyed that I was taking a “crash” course for a parking offence, however the evening did not go as I had thought it would.  My initial thought was to coast through, hoping to stay somewhat alert and not zone out for a boring “school” type training session.  Boy was I surprised at what came next.  The lesson started with Mike, telling about himself and a little of his background, then he introduced Darryl.  Even though I was not in there for not wearing my seatbelt like most, or for something I considered silly, I walked away with such a profound message I cannot even put into words.  His story touched me so deeply, I could be that woman, driving the vehicle that killed so many, I am always cautious not to text and drive, especially with my children in the car, but I do (did) answer the phone if it rang or called out if I had something “important” to do.  The way he told his story, I kept looking around, surprised that me and the woman next to me were the only ones I could see crying, as he told of his beautiful children and their life cut short.  It was honest, and touching, and he cannot know the impact he had on so many people.  I will never forget his little boys, he made the statement that his children were not immortal, however their image will forever be in my mind when I am in the car and that stupid phone rings!  What an impact he has made.  Then “coach” came up and started telling his story, it lightened the mood and put some smiles on faces.  His sillyness brightened the mood, made us laugh and prepared us for “the set up” , he told of the cowardly lion, and his tragic end, and my thoughts go to my 14 year old daughter, who will be driving soon.  I think, I must find out if this class is open to new drivers, this is all something she should hear. Then lastly we hear from Tolly, who we all knew his story, as we saw it play out in the media many years ago, I learn he has a little girl, and see there is bright spot in his life, and hear the remorse and sorrow for his victim in his voice as he speaks and realize there is a shadow that will follow him forever. 

 My point in sending this is that when someone does a bad job at something everyone hears about it except usually the offending party, but when there are people out there doing such a phenomenal job, like these men, they don’t get the thanks and recognition they deserve.  So I just wanted to say thank you for such a life changing class, and for providing a very valuable service to the public.  I will get my court cost and ticket waived for taking this class, as I was thankful in the beginning there was an alternative to paying the $218 fine, however I am walking away with so much more, and for that I thank you all.



  1. #1 by Crystal Ballard on June 5, 2012 - 10:20 PM

    I attended the Crash Prevention course this evening and walked away with images of loved ones lost and imprinted on my heart as well as a lesson so often ignored by many. I believe every child should take this course before driving and I intend on attending a class with my teenage daughter. I would like to say “thank you” to all volunteers who shared their “storms of life” with us. Lastly, I am so grateful that our Lord was spoken of throughout the class. Bless you all!

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