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Letter to an Attorney from a Loving Mother

September 21, 2011

Dear Sir,

In the event of either of my sons contacting you regarding representation of another traffic citation, please recommend that they attend a crash prevention class. I had the opportunity of attending one recently at the Guilford Co. courthouse. The information that the instructors provided would definitely benefit them. It would allow them to see that operating a vehicle is a privilege and that they are responsible for doing it safely. They were involved in a terrible car accident on 9/17 in which two other vehicles were struck by their car. They were running late to work and of course, speeding. I am so thankful that no one passed away but the boys are well aware that the accident could have had a devastating ending for all involved. My husband and I have been seriously talking with them about the accident and about being safe on the highways and especially about making better choices in life.  I know that you have a busy schedule and deal with many clients but it is my mission to keep my sons alive, out of jail and especially out of the cemetery.

Thank you,


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