CPN Caswell/Person County Worker Receives Honors

Ollie Jeffers receives Honors from the Roxboro Police Department for her work as an advocate for highway safety in that area.

OllieCert OlliePolice




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BYHS “No Texting and Driving” Winners for Grades 9 -12

11th12th 9th10th

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Video: 5 Minutes That Could Save Your Life…

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CPN Unveils Revamped Educational Bus

December 18th, 2012 – At this years annual Crash Prevention Network luncheon, volunteers got to take a tour of the newly revised Educational Bus that is utilized at schools, churches and community events across the state.  With it’s sharp new paint job, video screens, reckless driving demonstrators, educational information and more, this bus will prove to be an effective – and eye-opening tool – for encouraging young drivers to make the right choices while behind the wheel. 

CPN Educational Bus Tour

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CPN’s Friend Honors Military

This past spring The Crash Prevention Network brought it’s friend Olympic Gold Medalist Picabo Street to Greensboro for a series of motivational talks at schools and colleges around the area. Tonight on NBC she will be featured on a new television show called “Stars Earn Their Stripes”, an action-packed competition show that pays homage to the men and women who serve in the U.S. Armed Forces and our first-responder services. Don’t miss it!

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Olympic Gold Medalist Picabo Street Encourages a 6th Grader to Make Good Choices at the “I Choose to Live!” Youth Conference

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Letter to an Attorney from a Loving Mother

September 21, 2011

Dear Sir,

In the event of either of my sons contacting you regarding representation of another traffic citation, please recommend that they attend a crash prevention class. I had the opportunity of attending one recently at the Guilford Co. courthouse. The information that the instructors provided would definitely benefit them. It would allow them to see that operating a vehicle is a privilege and that they are responsible for doing it safely. They were involved in a terrible car accident on 9/17 in which two other vehicles were struck by their car. They were running late to work and of course, speeding. I am so thankful that no one passed away but the boys are well aware that the accident could have had a devastating ending for all involved. My husband and I have been seriously talking with them about the accident and about being safe on the highways and especially about making better choices in life.  I know that you have a busy schedule and deal with many clients but it is my mission to keep my sons alive, out of jail and especially out of the cemetery.

Thank you,


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